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RCFAQ Exclusive Reviews...

MVVS 1.60 gasser NEW, 4-1-02!!! 

Lanier Edge 540 ARF Review NEW, 4-1-02!!!

Ohio RC 75" Ultimate Biplane Review NEW, 4-1-02!!!


Diamond Custom Panels

In Progress!!! Hangar 9 1/3 Scale Extra 330L NEW, Jan. 10, '02!!!

ZDZ-80 single In Progress, too.

Recommended Sources rcfaq 

Model Tech 3D Magic NEW, Updated, 9-29-01

RCS 1.4 model airplane engine review rcfaq 

Hangar 9 Edge, by Dick Hanson

TS Engines mini-review by Jeff Brownell

Doghouse Extreme By Evan Chapkis--NEW!!!

RadioCraft Extra 330LX 35

Great Planes Extra 330L

Zagi 400 and FMA Razor

Aspire Sailplane

Cox Recon  




Fourmost Miter Sander--a MUST-HAVE Tool! rcfaq 

Rod Chuck

Dremel Scroll Saw  

Tool Reviews from ShopNotes and Workbench Magazines

Litco Alpha4 review

Litco Alpha 4 Battery Management System By Clifford Begnaud

A model boat builders newsgroup/list archive, asking about miter saws

Best $695 $495 Benchtop Milling Machine (Please note this is the Atlas version (discontinued), very similar to the current Harbor Freight model. There are differences in the Grizzly model, one is there is no aluminum in the Griz components.)


Machinery Reviews:

ShopTask 3 in 1

ShopTask 3 in 1, another view

Enco 3 in 1,



Engine Review LINKS

See our exclusive engine prop/rpm chart, too!

RCS 1.4 model airplane engine review rcfaq exclusive

MVVS 1.60 (26cc) gasser New!!! 1-'02

TT Pro .36 vs. Webra .32

Raptor .46 vs. Webra .50

GMS .47 vs. OS .46 Fx



Misc. Reviews

Custom Pilots

ATT Stick Plane


Airplane Review LINKS

H9 Cap conversion from OS 1.60 to ZDZ New!!! 1-'02

RCFU Kit Reviews

Radio Controlled Product Review Index

R-C Plane Reviews Bulletin Board

IMAC Kit Reviews

Giant Scale RC Reviews

High Flight - Kit Reviews

SCAT's giant scale kit Reviews

R-C Reviews




Carden 35% Cap 232 by Bob Hudson

Carden 40% Edge 540 Construction--by Bob Hudson


AeroPro Laser 200 by Steve Faust

AeroPro Cap 232, 87" w/Zenoah G62 by Steve Faust

AeroCraft 30%, 92" Staudacher 300GS by Steve Faust

Pirate Cap 232, 35%, with a 3W-100 twin, by Steve Faust

RadioCraft Extra 330LX 35


Giant Scale Planes CAP 232 ARC, by Van Flowers

Giant Scale Planes Staudacher ARC, by Van Flowers

Sig 300SX ARF, by Van Flowers

Great Planes Airplane Skill Level Guide

Great Planes Big Stik .40

GSAL's giant scale reviews

Dave McD's Extra 300

Dave McD's R-C Air Force

Hangar 9 Cap 232

GMT Ballistick Model Aircraft


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