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Model Airplane building tool review--Woodpecker!


It's one redeeming value is that you can use it to pick up a dropped kleenex or bit of TP off almost any surface. it makes a BAD paperweight, finger scuffage is probable...yeah, I got suckered into buying one too, and have yet to find a good use for it. Bob

Will give mine to anyone stupid enough to pay the shipping (in advance). Red Scholefield


The best thing you can do to get good adhesion over sheeting is a smooth sand followed by a "tack cloth" to remove dust. The "tack cloth" should be the last step of the dust removal, using a soft brush or cotton cloth to rid all the dust they will remove. "Tack cloth" can be purchased at most places that sell paint supplies. Phil


I thought we voted the woodpecker as the most worthless tool several years ago. There were several examples where it could be used for other purposes besides finishing, like roughing up surfaces for gluing. Peter

I went to a swap meet this weekend and there must of been a dozen of them for sale at different tables. Funny thing....they all looked new. Does that say anything about their usefulness? Mike


Interesting! Some people think it's a worthless tool...others, like myself, find it a pretty handy device for eliminating bubbles when applying Monokote over Monokote. I mark the area where I am going to add a 2nd layer. Use the woodpecker to carefully punch holes in the first layer of Monokote. Working slowly, I can iron on the 2nd layer (usually a different color) without bubbles. I think it works great! But I will agree, it makes a formidable weapon. Be careful! You can really hurt yourself with one of those things! Flyer111




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