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Model Airplane ENGINE, Fuel & Prop FAQ'S


Sources & Links

  1. Engine accessories--pumps, tubing etc

  2. Propeller & Spinner Sources & FAQ's--NEW & UPDATED!!!

  3. Piston Rings

  4. Ignition System Manufacturers & FAQ's

  5. Muffler sources & FAQ's

  6. How about JET Engines?

  7. Model airplane Engine Manufactures

RC FAQ Exclusives

  1. What RPM Should my engine be turning?--see our exclusive Prop/RPM chart!

  2. What size tank to I need for my engine?

  3. A watercooled ZDZ!!!

  4. RCS 1.40 gas engine review

  5. ZDZ 80cc Single Engine Review soon!

  6. How do I clean my engine--antifreeze???

  7. What engine should I use in my trainer?

  8. Soft Mounts--are they worth the extra money?


Specific Engine FAQ's

  1. Engine review of the RCS 1.40, the new little gasser

  2. Weedwacker and chainsaw engine conversions.

  3. How do I tune my Super Tiger ST2300???

  4. How about my Super Tigre ST 3000?

  5. How do I mount my 44cc BME 2.7? 

  6. Note: BME prop hub boss is 7/16", and the prop bolt is 8mm X 1.25mm. The TruTurn part number for the spinner adapter is TT-0825.


Misc. Engine FAQ's

  1. Engine Tuning & Fuel FAQ's

  2. Propeller FAQ's

  3. How do I baffle my engine for better cooling?

  4. How do I baffle? (a spare link)



Engine Tuning & Fuel FAQ

Engine Break-In Procedure

Throttle Valve Adjustment

BME engine manual--a great resource for ALL gas engine owners

Tuning Gas Engines





What are Fuel Dots?

What do I do about my fuel soaked fuse and balsa?

Should I use a gas engine, or a glow fuel engine?

Fuel Mixing how-to, How do I mix my own glow fuel?

Fuel Mixing how-to, Mixing Homemade fuels (2)



See the Super Tigre (sometimes misspelled Super Tiger) G2300 (G20/23) 23cc FAQ page. It contains newsgroup notes, including history by Dick Hanson, and information by AM Cross, Product Support Manager for the 2300 importer


Misc. Model Airplane Engine Component Manufacturers


Engine Standoff's by Roger Forgues--NEW!!!

Cline Fuel System--often mislabeled the Cline Pump

Perry Pumps and Perry Carbs & Valves, now by Conley Precision

B&B Specialties

Premium Tygon Brand Tubing

Chainsaw Filters

Air Hobbies Accessories--Vel. stacks, smoke systems, fuel valves, exhaust tubing

TME Products -- Smoke pumps, check valves and flow valves

Boca Bearings RC Hobby

ceramic bearings - miniature precision ball

Taurus Engines--Big Boy starter, radial mounts, hubs, etc.

PSP Manufacturing--Good Fuel Dots, Fuel caps, spinners...

Silicone Fuel Tubing - Aerotrend Products

EASYFLEX Gasoline Fuel Tubing - Aerotrend

I first bought this Easy-Flex from B&B Specialties at the Joe Nall several years ago.... Tried it once, bought a reel and will NEVER use TYGON again...If you're running gas, you really need to get a piece of this stuff. It doesn't harden over time and doesn't swell up and get loose when pulled on and off your fittings! Randy


Piston Rings:

Engine Rings, custom made, about $4

Engine Rings, custom made, source 2:

For all of us modelers who need piston rings and cannot find them, try contacting Frank Bowman. He manufactures repro and current piston rings for our modeling needs. He can make standard and Dykes type rings. If he doesn't have the ring you need in stock, you send the piston and cylinder and he will make it then. prices are $7.50 up to $9.50. His work is of the finest quality. 

Happy landings, Zach 

Frank can be reached at fbowman@acs-online.net or 1-505-327-0696 ( 6pm to 9pm mst. weekdays) and the following address:
Frank Bowman
1211 N. Allen
Farmington, NM. 87401



Model Airplane Propeller and Spinner Manufacturers

    Please see our Propeller FAQ page for the most recent information.

APC Prop Mfr.

APC at Tower

Bolly Products Showroom

Dave Brown spinners at RCShowcase

Jett Engineering Spinners

Fly-Tec wood props sold by Nelson

Forgues Propeller--giant scale props for aerobatics--NEW!!!

Tru Turn Spinners

Top Flite Mfr.

TF at Tower

Master Airscrew Mfr.

MAS at Tower

MSC Props

Nova Spinners--NEW!!!

NX-Series props at Airwild Hobbies, for giant scale aerobatics--NEW!!!

RCS props, Beech & Maple

Spin Master spinners and nuts

Zinger props by J&Z Products


Propeller FAQ's

Propeller FAQ page NEW!!!

How to choose a propeller!

Prop Selection Chart



Radio Controlled Airplane Muffler Manufacturers:

Abell Hobbies - R-C Mufflers and Custom Landing Gear

Bisson Mufflers

KS Mufflers (Krumsheid)

Macs Products Website

B&B Specialties

J&A Peace Keeper Mufflers

Jett Engineering

How do I solder Aluminum to repair my muffler?

I want an ULTRA CHEAP muffler!

Air Hobbies Engine Accessories

Air Hobbies Engine Mounts w/built-in Mufflers


Muffler FAQ's 

Mousse Can Pipe-Muffler, or MCP

Build your own Tuned Mousse Can MCP

MCP Photo

I want to build a simple, ULTRA CHEAP muffler!

How do tuned pipes work? Answered in the Bolly Book.

How do I solve my leaking muffler woes? 

How do I solder Aluminum to repair my muffler?

Brazing stainless steel headers--a how-to on KS Krumsheid header assembly


Engine Ignition Manufacturers for RC Airplanes:

What is the Jump Start, SyncroSpark and ProSpark? Ignition System FAQ's

CH Ignitions

D&B Engines by Ridge Machine - Ignitions

German ignition maker. (RCS maybe)

Falkon Electronic--ZDZ ignition

Vlach Ignition

Nelson Hobby Specialties (Pro Spark)

RC Ignition's home page

TME ignition timing stick

Air Hobbies Engine Accessories


Jet Engine Manufacturers








Engine Manufacturers & Sources

A J Engineering

Air Hobbies

B&B Specialties

BME Baker Model Engines

Brison Aircraft

Carr Precision, Experimental and Model Aircraft

Cheetah Engines, by Reid

Cactus Aviation

D&B Engines by Ridge Machine

Desert Aircraft -- Contacting DA

Desert Sky Model Aviation (raptor)

Erickson Motors - Home

FP Engines

Fox Manufacturing

FP Engines

GCBM R-C Models

J&A Engines

JAG Engines Home Page

Jett Engineering

Just Engines (Aeromodelling Engines Spares Accessories) 

K&B model airplane engines

Kangke Engines

Laser Engines

Leo engines

M& R Gas Engines - The Ultimate in 3D vertical power


Magnum engines

Model Engine Company Of America - MECOA HP RJL 

Moki Mfr.

MVVS Engines from Morris Hobbies

MVVS-nl, Pe Reivers, engine guru extraordinaire

MVVS- Modellbauzentrum-Leipzig, in German
O.S. Engines

Paragon Aero

Precision Eagle engines


Quadra Aerrow. Engines

R-C Airplane Engine Central

RC Showcase

RCV Engines


Saito Engines at Horizon

Super Tigre

Tartan Engines

Taurus Engines

Thunder Tiger Engines

Thunder Tiger Engines, direct

US Engines Home Page

US Engines new page

Webra Motor

YS Performance Specialties

ZDZ manufacturer

ZDZ 40 RV-L from RC Showcase

ZDZ ... TOPMODEL - ZDZ engines

Zenoah Gas Engines



A&M Aircraft Engines has been gone for a number of years. They were bought out by Walker Machine, then parts were bought by Precision Eagle. Bill Oberdieck, of Taurus Engines.


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