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What size fuel tank do I need for my model airplane?

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RCS 1.40 gas single, use 8-12oz tank.

BME 2.7, 44cc gas engine, use 16oz tank. (This applies to most 40-45cc gassers.)

ZDZ 80 twin, 32 oz tank, fly 15 minutes, uses 12 to 14 oz.
ZDZ 80 single 32 oz "      "     "     "           "      16 to 18 oz
DA 100       32 oz "          "    "     "            "      18 to 24 oz
Jim, SA list

I fly a Radiocraft Extra 330 with a BME 102 and use a 24oz. tank. With good throttle control I easily get 15 min. flights at 4300ft. Mike, SA list

I use a 32oz tank to give a 14.5 min flight with the BME 100 engine. I have 1/4 of the tank left after the flight. ( In case I botch a couple landings or someone crashes on the runway, I won't run out.) Don, SA list

I'm getting 15 minute flight times with a DA100 and a Mejzlick 28x10. The tank is a 32 oz. Du-Bro. My Flying style is IMAC which means Smooth throttle transitions and low to high throttle positions. NOT an on off switch. That leaves about 1/4 to 1/3 of fuel left in the tank. If I fly for 10 minutes pattern and 5 minutes hard core 3D torque rolling and lots of vertical full throttle climbs, that 1/3 left in the
tank drops to about 1/8th. Jeremy, SA list

Originally had a 24 oz with my DA100.  That provided two sportsman sequences and a deadstick on downwind.  With the NATS only a day away, we found a 32 oz. to put in.  Now that it's broken in, a 24 oz would be fine I'm sure, but I needed the extra during break in.  With the 32 oz, I got 20 min. today with a lot of wind and high power settings! Baron, SA list

DA 100: Sullivan 32 Oz.  I can fly the advanced sequence 3 times with fuel to spare. Francis, SA list



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