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Model Airplane building tool review--Rodchuck system!

By Rick Giannini 


    Well, I got tired of all the jury-rigged pushrods for giant birds, and the useless,weak 4-40 rolled thread rods from the LHS and took a chance on the Rodchuck set advertised in the IMAA magazine. It uses mild steel, copper coated 1/8 welding rods for threading with a 4-40 die set. Man, I will never buy a store rod again. This set-up WORKS and I got the beefiest pushrods I have ever seen, made to the exact length I need, and a full 1/8" thick and REAL 4-40 threads. Works for a 2-56 size rod also.
    Now I can put my servo where I darn well want too, and make my rods to order. Just my opinion, and not a hidden advertisement for Rodchuck. I spent about $70 total for everything, and I have enough rod for a gazillion big birds. The instructions are really good, so I couldn't add anything. It does work great. 

    The only thing I could add, is the system is a little less expensive if you only order the dies and tool for the 4-40 set-up, but the cost for the whole complete set-up (4-40 & 2-56)is reasonable in my opinion.

Rick Giannini


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