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Radio Control Model Airplane FAQ's-- Recommended Sources

These are all sources who have given me nothing but good service to warrant the addition of their name on this list. rcfaq

Kelletts Hobbies is in Australia, but they have EXCELLENT service, even to the US. Hobby People was out of 3D Magic fun-fly planes, and I caught Erica's post about Kelletts having stock. I placed the order on a Saturday afternoon, CA time. Erica answered my inquiry on shipping costs almost immediately. Shortly after placing the order, I received an order confirmation. On Sunday afternoon (their Monday morning), I received an email from her indicating that my order had already been shipped. The model arrived, packaged very well, the following Monday, only 6 business days (9 normal days) after placing the order. (This, in spite of the tragic event that occurred the day after Erica shipped it.) The final price was within about fifty cents of what I'd have paid in the US, had they been in stock. They have VERY good communication, good prices, and great service! 
RADICAL RC Great service and great prices on battery packs, connectors, a few other electronic items, and even a crystal exchange service.
A good supplier with great prices. Not being a mega-conglomerate, ask about inventory so you'll know shipping dates for sure.
I don't think anybody beats their advertised prices on Hitec equipment. They have limited inventory though, so make sure you ask about stock status and a delivery date. (West coast.) They are honest about delivery times, and with their prices and service, they are definitely worth using.  (Being not too far from the Hitec headquarters, they can get most items quickly.)
Similar to Major Hobby, but on the East coast.
Makers of the famed Zagi, with great service on it and several other slope planes. They also have the Zagi 400, and speed 400 supplies.
Tower Hobbies Home Page The best HUGE hobby supplier--they have almost everything in stock, and list the inventory status on their web site. They also will match prices, and offer good service. They messed up an order of mine once, and it took them two tries to fix it, but it was dealt with very professionally and quickly. I've had quite a few orders that went like clockwork, so I still recommend them.
SUPERIOR BALSA & HOBBY SUPPLY Superior Balsa has excellent service, price and products. I've ordered from them a couple times, and the wood has always been straight and flat--better than the stuff I had to hand-pick out of any of three hobby shops I've been to. When you don't specify the balsa density, it may be a little on the firm (=heavy) side, but for only a minor fee they'll hand select the grade for you. Their contest grade balsa is LIGHT!!! I've been very pleased with Superior Balsa--they are appropriately named!
AA Welding Wholesale Supply Welding supplies

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