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*RPM DATA  Note: New Database added 9-16

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REVIEWS and Tips & Hints for kits

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*Model Tech Magic 3D with TT .36 Pro  

*Fourmost Miter Sander


*RCS 1.40

*Doghouse Extreme

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*Zagi 400

*Lite Stik - Pico Stick


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Club Pages Additional FAQ pages...

AMA Contest Calendar (Academy Of Model Aeronautics) 

AMA home page

AMA Chartered Clubs


Yuma (AZ) Aeromodelers

Giant Scale Aerobatic List

Palomar R-C Flyers Home Page

Ohio--oldTown Valley Flyer's club

RC Aircraft Proving Grounds


Model Airplane FAQ

Bay area RC Club's FAQ

An Introduction to R-C Flying

Giant Scale Radio Control

The R-C Web Directory

rec.models.rc.air newsgroup

Tips bygeorge

RC links

R-C Soaring - Home Page

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