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What about the Super Tigre 3000 (ST3000) engine?

I'd invest in a OS 7D carb for your ST3000 before investing the time and effort into pumping your ST3000. Its really a sweet engine but needs a couple of gallons run thru it before its fully broken in. If you will just work with both the low-end and high-end needles you can tweak this engine to be a real stump-puller. If tweaking both needles doesn't work then opt for the OS7D carb. I've had three ST3000s and all of them were the best running engines i've owned in twenty years of modeling. I've never owned an easier starting engines than the big SuperTigres either.....always one flippers.....actually I didn't flip them I just bumped of the compression and off they'd go :) and I never did swap carbs just stuck with the ST carbs. I pumped one once but really didn't notice much change other than a few more hundred RPMs at the top. I took the pump off and left it stock....It drank enough fuel as it was! Pete C. Maurek, Wichita Falls Texas


Here is the latest word from AM Cross:

I concur about the taking your time to break in.....be patient with her. This info may also help:

    Once your BIG SuperTigre has a gallon or two of regular fuel run through it, you can use one of the so-called "SuperTigre, or Super-T" fuels, which have 10%-12% oil content. Keep Nitro 10% or lower for best operation.

    To properly set up your carburetor, there are a few steps...
    Make sure the spraybar is set so that the fuel slot is pointed straight down the center of the carburetor. You will have to look through the carb from the bottom, with the venturi opened to full. Loosen the two screws next to the high-speed needle valve to rotate the spraybar so that the slot is centered.
    The idle needle can be seen in the slot of the spraybar. It looks like a piece of wire that has the end squarely cutoff. It should be less than one-half way across the slot when the venturi is opened to full.
    The high-speed needle should be opened about 2-1/2 to 3 turns out from closed.
    All of these settings are very rich. You'll have to start the engine at about 1/4 to1/3 throttle. Once the engine starts, advance the throttle to full. You can then lean the high-speed needle until the engine is running just rich of peak RPM.
    Once you have the high-speed needle set, you can retard the throttle a bit and use the idle needle to adjust the engine. Retard a bit, and adjust. Keep doing this until you have reached the desired idle RPM and mixture. Remember, since we started out with an intentionally-rich setting, the idle mixture will have to be leaned.
    Finally, the midrange can be adjusted by rotating the spraybar a hair. Just loosen the two screws next to the high-speed needle and rotate the spraybar just a tiny bit. Either direction is OK. This will help you get a good transition and midrange.
    We use an O.S. #8 glowplug, although a lot of people have had success with the O.S. Type F glowplug. We recommend you try both to see what works best for you.
    I hope you find this information helpful. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at this email address. (Please be sure to copy all previous emails into any future questions.) You can also reach our product support technical team at 217-398-8970, or via fax at 217-398-7721. 
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