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Leaky Mufflers...

I've heard you can clean your model engines in antifreeze--can you tell me about it?

    Go to the Goodwill Store or second hand store and buy a crock pot for $3. Flyer111 


    First pass cleans the crockpot, the second pass is safe for expensive engines, if the temp controls work. jefgeo123


    Recently on a thread on RCO a fellow did an extensive test of cleaning engines with antifreeze. He found that all of the brands he tested worked the same including Sierra (the non toxic brand). He also said that he saw no difference when the antifreeze was mixed 50/50 with water. It did not work at all if the antifreeze wasn't heated. The last engines I did, I used straight regular antifreeze. I put my engine parts in a small tin coffee can and fill it just high enough to cover the parts. I set the coffee can in the crock pot, set it on low and cover the top with a piece of plywood leaving a small gap so the fumes escape. I usually turn it on at night and then shut it off when I get home from work. Out of the six engines that I have done, two of them still had gunk after soaking for two days that I had to remove with Z-Best. I am going to try reducing it with water the next time. John Bower


Leaky Muffler Advice:

    It seems every engine I have had has leaked through where the muffler bolts to the exhaust port. Is there a way to fix this? Blue RTV work? Any other suggestions? Thanks...Lumpy


Try using Hi-temp silicone. use only a very little bit on the muffler/motor joint. Apply a very samll amount to one surface, and bolt together. If it still leaks, you can smear a little bit on after. In all cases, make sure all surfaces are totally free of oil before applying the silicone. Use a bit of engine degreaser, or other oil remover for this. Frank


The best, simplest and cheapest solution I, and fellow heli flyers came up with, is 5 minute epoxy. Sand the surfaces as straight as possible, clean and use a THIN coat of epoxy. After it dries the muffler will not pull away but with a little twisting motion will pop right off. Fritz

Cut a gasket from beer or pop can. Take a large peice, rub it around the exhaust outlet to make an imprint, cut the inside hole with an x-acto, then kinda' wallow the bolt holes with the knife point. Bolt on the muffler and trim off the excess. May use a little silicone if you wish. Works for me. HC/TX










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