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MrBonk asked the rec.models.rc.air newsgroup this question on 11-24-2000:

What's your covering material of choice?

Here are the first several answers, starting with rcfaq's answer...

    Ultracote is the easiest to apply, in my experience. You can heat it and remove it, which allows for repositioning. If you try that with Monokote, then you end up with scrap. It also stretches around corners better. Since it's more flexible, it's not as likely to get punctured if stabbed by that unexpected twig. In addition, Ultracote can easily be applied on top of itself without bubbling, if you remove all of the bubbles to start with. Monokote, on the other hand, outgases when heated, so a quick smooth finish is almost impossible. On the other hand, you can easily apply Monokote over top of itself by wetting the area with Fantastik, Windex, or some other cleaning agent, squeegee the fluid out, and let it dry for 24 hours. 

    For a beginner, I'd recommend using Ultracote to start with. In addition to the above benefits, it's also more temperature tolerant. Starting out with Ultracote will give you a lot of the skills required to move over to the glossier Monokote, but with less frustration. Unfortunately, it's not as shiny as Monokote, and it is slightly more prone to dulling even further, from scratches and handling. rcfaq


    Started out with Towerkote. Then went to Monokote. Then went to Ultracote.  Tried Coverite on a couple of planes. Now I am back (to stay) to Ultracote. John Lee

    After trying Ultracote a couple of years back it's all I use now. Had been a Monokote user for about 20 years prior to that. Mike Gordon

    I must be the only oddball here. I really like Monokote better than Ultracote. For me it is much easier to use. I do, however, like Ultracote for trim over Monokote for obvious reasons. David

    I just covered a Cub in CG Color Tex fabric. This stuff is fantastic! The only other fabric I had used was 21st century and this has it beat hands down.  The only complication was putting a clear coat on for stain protection but that wasn't too difficult. Chris


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