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What's do I use for trim over top of my Ultracote or Monokote?

Here are the first several answers, starting with rcfaq's answer...

Ultracote is the easy to apply over top of other coverings. Regular Ultracote will be more fuel resistant, and depending on how big the pieces are, and how critical the alignment is, probably easier too. With Ultracote, you have two options for putting it on--lay the covering down dry, get all of the air out, and iron it down. Ultracote has the advantage that it doesn't outgas when you heat it, like Monokote does.  

The second method also works with Monokote-- spray the surface with some Fantastik or other spray cleanser (usually watered down a bit) and then it's easy to align the edges...squeegee out all of the water, let it sit for 24 hours, then tack the edges with either an iron or trim sovent. Ultracote Plus has a sticky backing that makes alignment and bubble removal with large pieces challenging. rcfaq 

Trim Solvent can be used...but I personally haven't found it successful. It doesn't seem to dissolve the adhesive well enough to cause adhesion with Ultracote. When I tried it with some cheap red Hobby Shack Monokote-like covering, it dissolved the adhesive very quickly, and got very red everywhere, and the coloring and adhesive would squeegee out where you pressed on it, leaving a clear spot. rcfaq 

This is what Brett Jaffee had to say about Ultracote Plus: AVOID THE PLUS AT ALL COSTS!!!  I have personal experience with this. Any place that exhaust touched the Plus,  it started coming up. In fact, eventually, the covering on the entire right  side of the plane is peeling up on every seam. Regular Ultracote works great,  but I would never again use the Plus on a glow powered model.

Toter had another suggestion: Try Super Coverite over Ultracote. It sticks at a lower temperature and does a great job. Very few if any bubbles.



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